Delta Epsilon Fraternity And sorority.
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 Deltans History

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PostSubject: Deltans History    Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:24 pm



In 1967, at the Divine Word University in Tacloban. Otilio Crisostomo Jr., an engineering student, who run for presidential post in the student government and lucky enough to win, solicited the help of his close friends from the same college to form an adhoc group for the council's activity due to his eagerness to implement his own program.

In that case, the spirit of friendship and comradeship which were already evident in the group, lead to the forming of another group: much closer, more cooperative and more valuable than the previous one: That group become fraternity composed of twelve founders, namely: Otilio Crisostomo, Dante Crisostomo, Salvador Avestruz, O'kokoy Gadwena, Manuel Horca, Apolonio Loterio, Rodulfo Maninggo, Doroteo batan, William Orejola, Landirico Yazar, Johnny Sabulao and Juddy Sandiagco. Since all the founders were engineering students. They arrived in a conclusion to name the group D.E. In greek letters it means Delta Epsilon.

Later Society of Would-Be-Engineers was added to the name to make visible that group was exclusive for engineering students. The members were callec Deltans and they called their co-members Brogs. The fraternity was formally organized last August 27, 1967. Excluding the founders first batch came up with 120 members at that time. The first emperor was Johnny Sabulao, a fifth year engineering student. Later the emperor was changed to Prime Minister since it was authoritarian in nature.

Two years later, the sorority was formally organized through the leadership of Raquelita Raquel. The first lady Prime Minister was Jovy Galves. In the same year the organization establish a chapter at the Leyte Institute of Technology (LIT) in Tacloban City. During the declaration of Martial Law which all fraternities and organizations were banned. The group run down and collapsed for a while. By the year 1975, the Divine Word University known as the mother chapter had fade out due to irresponsible and uncooperative members, yet as the consolation group the LIT chapter continued to exist and had even grew bigger and stronger.

In 1976 Otilio Crisostomo, who was already an engineer continued fighting for the survival of the group he once founded. He, with the old members, recruited new members to strengthen the manpower of the group. That was in the history of the group as the first revival. When Engr. Otilio Crisostomo became the dean of the college in the same University he still continued to help the group, also known as the second revival.

On September 25, 1983, the mother chapter was finally recognized by the school as one of its legal students organization thru the effort of batch '83 composed of Jojo Amago, Ramon Modina, Ad Ruel Alcober and Bartolome Tallo. With that revival, hazings and physical aspect of initiation where banned from the system of recruiting new members. The new system was focused on psychological and intelectual sreening. Since the revival, the DELTA EPSILON, Society Of Would-Be Engineers continued to branch out nationwide and all the chapters are registered as one of the legal students organizations in their respective colleges and universities.

From 1967 to present, none of the different chapters acquired bad records from the respective school and it never indulge themselves frat war which was rampant ever since. It is so because the DELTA EPSILON was not organized for socialization and trouble but it was created to help and assist the school in its activities and to produce capable engineers in the future were the brotherhood and sisterhood binded together for a better vision.
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Deltans History
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